Teacher Tech Training

Teacher Tech Training grew out of a workshop run by Lisi Gopin for elementary teachers who were interested learning more about using technology with their students. She saw there was a need for more training that focused on practical uses of available technology – for many teachers, available often meant free tools. She developed an online mini course about using free web 2.0 tools that was well received and decided to expand it to a full course based on the feedback she received.

In the future, Teacher Tech Training will offer a series of facilitated, instructor-led courses on practical topics such as Digital Storytelling, Project Based Learning, Video in the Classroom, and others. A frequent comment is that professional development often leaves teachers wondering how to implement what they’ve learned. The facilitated courses will therefore provide learners with the opportunity to practice their skills before using them with students and to receive feedback and help.

Lisi Gopin

Lisi has over 15 years of experience using and teaching technology. She conducted many training workshops for employees as a project manager in web development. She decided to pursue teaching full time and completed a Master’s in Educational Technology with a certification in Online Teaching at Boise State University in the spring of 2012. She is currently a doctoral student at BSU researching game based learning. She enjoys teaching Digital Storytelling and Game Making to middle school students and is always experimenting with how technology can help kids use their brains in creative ways.

Lisi specializes in Games in Education, Web 2.0 tools in education and Digital storytelling and has created educational videos and written game reviews for Edudemic.com.

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Web Development (Adults)
  • Web Design Basics (Adults)
  • Design and Build Your Own Website (Teens)
  • Digital Storytelling (Middle School)
  • Game Making (Middle School)
  • Introduction to Technology in the Classroom (Teachers)
  • Workshop – Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching (Teachers)