Teacher Tech Training

Teacher Tech Training was developed as a resource for teachers who want to know more about using technology with students. Tech tools can be used to encourage deeper reflection in learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. Sure, teachers can and have been teaching these skills for centuries, but technology can make it easier to develop student-centered learning and problem based learning.

Why should you register for a course? There are so many tools available today the hardest part for a teacher can be deciding how to get started. Teacher Tech Training focuses on free tools where possible, knowing how many teachers are working with limited budgets, preferably web-based tools that don’t need to be installed locally. There are two categories of courses available – the first consists of shorter, introductory lessons that learners can go through for free at their own pace, whenever it’s convenient. The second category has much more content available through online, asynchronous 10 week courses led by tech trainer Lisi Gopin, where a group of educators will go through the course on the same weekly schedule with a lot of interaction among learners and feedback from the facilitator (facilitated courses do have tuition fees).

The instructor-led course Teaching with Games begins soon – sign up now to save your spot.

Community is a key part of any learning experience. Teacher Tech Training has therefore been built around the community experience, allowing users to friend other users and follow each others’ activity on the site. Teacher Tech Training strongly encourages users to interact with each other and discuss the learning that is taking place – there is a lot that you can learn from each other, and we look forward to also learning from our users.


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